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Take United off the 'potential Mourinho suiters' list

Laurence Griffiths

Well you can take one more possible destination for Jose Mourinho off the table, in a roundabout sort of way. Sir Alex Ferguson has announced his retirement as Manchester United manager, rumours of which inspired some thought that Mourinho would replace him at Old Trafford, but rather than make an approach for a Special One to replace Ferguson, reports from England suggest that the champions-elect are going to sign Everton's David Moyes as their new manager.

At this point, we could make a note of how screwed up the narrative on managers is. Instability bad! Stability good! Mayes stable! Moyes gets most out of shoestring budget! Moyes good! Nevermind that Moyes has never managed players of United's calibre, won a trophy or done well in big games, he's been at Everton for a while, and that's what counts.

But I don't much care who manages United. Pep Guardiola could have replaced Ferguson and it would probably be a downgrade. I care about who manages Chelsea, and this news kills any hope United fans had of picking up Jose Mourinho to replace their retiring hero. That's good news for us.

The other semi-open spots are Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, and there's always the slight chance he'll remain at Real Madrid, but in the general accounting this is good news for those of us hoping to secure Mourinho's services once again this summer. And good news in general, since Ferguson was one of the true greats. We won't see his like again, and for every club not named Manchester United, that's a good thing.

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