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A Light Offering of Premier League Football / Tuesday Open Thread

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It's the midweek catchup round today and tomorrow, with the six teams in the Premier League who are a match behind on 35 played catching up to the rest who have played 36. Chelsea of course play tomorrow, in the undoubted BIGGEST MATCH OF THE SEASON (tm) ever. Ever!

To whet your appetite, you have two choices: Romelu Lukaku and his WBA chums take on Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. Chelsea still have an outside shot at second place and although there's very little actual benefit in finishing second over third, second still sounds a lot better. So indirectly, Lukaku may yet help the team this season after all.

The other choice is to witness yet another trademarked great escape as Wigan Athletic host listless and lifeless Swansea City who have checked out and left this season a long time ago. With a win, Wigan would move out of the bottom three, jumping above both Newcastle United and Norwich City.


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