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Need another reason to want Mourinho back? Barcelona hate him

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Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Although Chelsea have their fair share of domestic rivals, it seems as though our fiercest battle has been with a La Liga side. In recent years, Chelsea and Barcelona have been like oil and water, and with the sides meeting fairly frequently in Europe and generally contesting close and contentious games, the sides (and fanbases) seem like they don't like each other very much. Having Barca complain so bitterly is part of what made the semifinal win against them last year so glorious.

And so rather than being discouraged by negative comments about returning manager Jose Mourinho dished out by the club's higher ups, I'm finding Barca vice-president Carles Vilarrubi's comments regarding the Special One absolutely hilarious:

There was nothing he brought that was good. There was no positive balance. I cannot see anything good about him. Not one thing. In sporting terms, maybe I am not the person to ask. But in cultural terms, he was a disaster.

Apart from his aggression to the coach of Barca, the ambience he creates everywhere he goes, the relations with the players, with the press are absolutely terrible. I am happy that he is leaving. And so is everyone in Spanish football.


I am just glad he has gone. I am not interested in him. Go, leave, goodbye.

-Source: Telegraph.

Are you sure you're not secretly obsessed with the man, Mr. Vilarrubi?

[I]f we beat Málaga [in Saturday’s final game], we will have 100 points, the same as Mourinho had when he won the league. He is always showing off how great he is that he had 100 points. Well, if we beat Málaga we will match that. So we must.

Definitely not completely and utterly obsessed then. Haters gonna hate, I suppose -- if you ask me the fact that he's so thoroughly antagonised Barcelona with both Inter Milan and Real Madrid is a huge mark in his favour. That they're so worked up over him is hilarious (and yes, I'm aware of the parallels with Rafa Benitez; thanks). Annoying the Catalans is a lot of fun.

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