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Meet Frank Lampard's Brazilian counterpart

I love Chelsea. You love Chelsea, unless you are here by mistake in which case here is a .gif of a red panda to make your stay worthwhile. But I'm not sure anyone loves Chelsea quite so much as this Brazilian man, who named his son after Frank Lampard. And I don't mean the Frank bit.

The more of this video you watch, the more amusing it gets. A 13-month old son named Leandro Lampard (his wife has impressive tolerance for this sort of thing) born on the day Chelsea knocked Barcelona out of last year's Champions League? A back garden named Stamford Bridge? Refusing to support a local team so his heart can be filled by the Blues alone? This man is a living legend. I hope he gets to meet some of the Chelsea boys while they're in Brazil. Although I'm slightly worried that he'll try to keep them.

So much for all foreign fans being plastic, eh?

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