WAGNH Summer Spending Spree: BfloSoldier Edition [Redux]



I attempted to piece together a scenario in which I could assemble a squad that could rival the best in the world, mimicking the kind of quality and depth Bayern Munich ran out in 2012-13, ultimately winning the UEFA Champions League and the honor of meeting Chelsea FC for the UEFA Super Cup in the fall. The assortment of players would allow the manager to employ a wide variety of formations, including 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3.

The 25 man squad I came up with includes 7 homegrown players, 16 non-homegrown players, and two players that wouldn't need to be on the official roster due to their young age.

Later I will discuss the details of the transfers I propose. But first, I have named each player below and included a brief introduction, critique, and star rating (relative only to the other players listed).


Petr Cech, GK, Czech Republic, 31 *****

  • Good: Concentration, reflexes, long shots, leadership
  • Bad: Distribution, injury prone, on decline

Mark Schwarzer, GK, Australia, 40 ***

  • Good: Penalties
  • Bad: Distribution

Sam Walker, GK, England, 21 (Homegrown) *

  • Good: Improving
  • Bad: Raw


David Luiz, CB, Brazil, 26 *****

  • Good: Dribbling, passing, long passes, finishing, long shots, direct free kicks, pace, leadership, improving, attacking contribution, counter-attack, plays DM
  • Bad: Positioning, discipline

Ashley Cole, LB, England, 32 (Homegrown) ****

  • Good: Possession, passing, tackling, pace, attacking contribution
  • Bad: Aerial, finishing, long shots, on decline

Branislav Ivanovic, CB, Serbia, 29 ****

  • Good: Possession, tackling, long throw-ins, aerial, plays RB
  • Bad: Crossing, concentration

Cesar Azpilicueta, RB, Spain, 23 ****

  • Good: Crossing, positioning, tackling, blocking, long throw-ins, pace
  • Bad: Finishing, long shots, aerial

John Terry, CB, England, 32 (Homegrown) ***

  • Good: Positioning, concentration, tackling, blocking, set pieces, aerial, leadership
  • Bad: Pace, injury prone, on decline

Marquinhos, CB, Brazil, 19 (U-21) ***

  • Good: Concentration, blocking, improving
  • Bad: Aerial, raw

Gary Cahill, CB, England, 27 (Homegrown) **

  • Good: Tackling, blocking, set pieces, aerial
  • Bad: Positioning, concentration

Ryan Bertrand, LB, England, 23 (Homegrown) **

  • Good: Possession, positioning, improving, plays LM
  • Bad: Aerial, attacking contribution, raw

Deep(er) Midfielders

Ramires, CM, Brazil, 26 ****

  • Good: Dribbling, tackling, finishing, pace, stamina, counter-attack, plays RM
  • Bad: Crossing, positioning, concentration, discipline

John Obi Mikel, DM, Nigeria, 26 ****

  • Good: Possession, passing, positioning, tackling, aerial
  • Bad: Long passes, finishing, long shots, pace, attacking contribution

Frank Lampard, CM, England, 34 (Homegrown) ***

  • Good: Passing, positioning, finishing, long shots, set pieces, direct free kicks, leadership
  • Bad: Pace, on decline, defensive contribution

Daniele De Rossi, CM, Italy, 29 ***

· Good: Passing, positioning, blocking

· Bad: Tackling

Michael Essien, CM, Ghana, 30 **

  • Good: Possession, dribbling, passing, blocking, plays RB or LB
  • Bad: Pace, injury prone, on decline

Attacking Midfielders

Juan Mata, AM, Spain, 25 *****

  • Good: Possession, dribbling, passing, through balls, crossing, finishing, set pieces, direct free kicks, counter-attack, plays LW or RW
  • Bad: Tackling, stamina, aerial, defensive contribution

Eden Hazard, AM, Belgium, 22 *****

  • Good: Possession, dribbling, passing, through balls, finishing, long shots, set pieces, direct free kicks, pace, improving, counter-attack, plays LW or RW
  • Bad: Tackling, aerial, defensive contribution

Oscar, AM, Brazil, 21 ****

  • Good: Possession, dribbling, set pieces, improving, defensive contribution, plays RW and CM
  • Bad: Stamina, aerial

Kevin De Bruyne, AM, Belgium, 21 ***

  • Good: Dribbling, passing, crossing, set pieces, improving, plays LW or RW or CM
  • Bad: Tackling, defensive contribution


Edinson Cavani, ST, Uruguay, 26 *****

  • Good: Finishing, possession, counter-attack
  • Bad: Passing

Andre Schurrle, LW, Germany, 22 ****

  • Good: Dribbling, through balls, finishing, long shots, improving, defensive contribution, plays RW or ST
  • Bad: Positioning, concentration

Romelu Lukaku, ST, Belgium, 20 (U-21) ***

  • Good: Finishing, aerial, improving
  • Bad: Concentration, raw

Demba Ba, ST, Senegal, 28 **

  • Good: Positioning, finishing, long shots, aerial
  • Bad: Possession, injury prone

Victor Moses, RW, Nigeria, 22 (Homegrown) **

  • Good: Dribbling, finishing, pace, improving, plays LW
  • Bad: Concentration, aerial, raw

Incoming/Outgoing Player Review


  • Buy (total £112m)Mark Schwarzer (Fulham, £5 [wage considerations]); Marquinhos (AS Roma, £25); Daniele De Rossi (AS Roma, £12); Andre Schurrle (Bayer Leverkusen, £20); Edinson Cavani (Napoli, £50)
  • Loan Return - Michael Essien (Real Madrid); Kevin De Bruyne (Werder Bremen); Romelu Lukaku (West Brom); Sam Walker (Colchester)
  • Monitor - Luka Shaw (Southampton); Son Heung-Min (Hamburg); Lazar Markovic (Partizan); Marco Van Ginkel (Vitesse); Ronan (Fluminense)


Depth Chart

GK: Cech, Schwarzer, Walker

RB: Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Essien

CB: Luiz, Ivanovic, Marquinhos, Terry, Cahill

LB: Cole, Bertrand, Essien

DM (M3 or DP): Mikel, De Rossi, Essien, Luiz, Ramires

B2B (M3 or DP): Ramires, Lampard, De Rossi, Essien

AM (M3): Oscar, De Bruyne, Lampard

AM (#10): Mata, Hazard, Oscar, De Bruyne, Schurrle

WM: Mata, Hazard, Schurrle, De Bruyne, Oscar, Ramires, Moses, Bertrand

ST: Cavani, Lukaku, Ba, Schurrle


I appreciate you taking the time to read and review what I've put together. Thank you. KTBFFH!


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