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Brazil-England might not go ahead

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It says "The, Wayne, the!"
It says "The, Wayne, the!"
Mike Hewitt

England and Brazil -- and therefore a handful of Chelsea players -- were meant to be squaring off for the season time this year on Sunday. For England, it would have been a chance to regroup after a disappointing performance against the Republic of Ireland on Wednesday, while for Brazil it was meant to be a fun warmup for the Confederations Cup, which is essentially a test run for the infrastructure of the upcoming World Cup.

Which makes the fact that a judge has called the game off due to safety concerns at the Maracanã more than a little bit discouraging.

It's not a final decision, and it sounds like it will be protested, but this is definitely pretty bad news so far as the 2014 World Cup is concerned. As far as Chelsea goes, this might deprive us of the chance to see David Luiz and Oscar and Frank Lampard et al. We'll probably have to stare at .gifs of the former two dancing or something.

Build stadiums better, Brazil. You're ruining everything!