I will keep things as short as possible:

  1. You will see a short list of players I consider available and useful.
  2. From that list the ones marked bold are the players I would buy.
  3. I have not jet made up my mind on all our players coming back form a loan. That is for post pre-season.
  4. The numbers under the topic "Core Squade" refer to the player most likely to start.

Contrary to most I believe we need more than just a CM, ST and CB.

  • One player on loan I would add is Kallas. With him we would have finally two players who are actually physically suited to the RB position (Ivanovic is to bulky and tricky opponents can wrong foot him far to easily)
  • Terry is no more the brick wall of the old days, therefore one CB should be added.
  • For a club with so high ambitions our strike force is very thin. Two strikers is just not enough, therefore we will need a new striker, one who preferably does not feature the same characteristics of any striker (ink. Lukaku) we have already on board.
  • I have not been a big fan of Oscar on either side of the wings, same accounts for Mata though, so we have actually only Moses and Marin as real wingers. I say get us a new winger and some competition for Moses. Someone who for once will make darting runs in behind the striker (preferably a LF, as I believe Hazard to be more effective on the right side).
  • We need a good second keeper who might even push cech a bit for a starting role
  • Watch out for the "*" they are reserved for our shining star himself, the one to enlighten us all and lead us to the promised land flowing with milk and honey.


ST: (15mio) Diego Costa 24 (contracted till 30.06.2014)

  • Comment: A tad unpolished

ST: (15-20mio) Robert Lewandowski 24 (contracted till 30.06.2014)

Sir captain drake, the one man armada, (why did I not pick him?)

  • Comment: Already on so many lists

ST: (5-10mio) John Guidetti 21 (contracted till 30.06.2015)

super work ethic, immense potential, absolutely lovable

  • Comment: Google the guy, look some videos - not just the football ones - and there is no way around loving the lad! For this season he might be a candidate for a loan preferably Leverkusen

LF: (15-20mio) Tello Cristian 21 (contracted till 30.06.2016)

superb dribbler

  • Comment: Great runner in behind the striker from wide positions. I believe Tello on the left, Hazard on the right, and Ramires from a deeper position would make a great combination on the counter.

ST/LF/RF: (15mio) Muriel 22 (contracted till 30.06.2017)

CM/OM: (10mio) Ever Banega 24 (contracted till 30.06.2015)

the midfield maestro, crazy personality

  • Comment: long time favorite of mine so he will never miss my list,

CM/DM/OM: (18-25mio) Gündogan Ilkay 22 (contracted till 30.06.2015)

great confidence, great control, superb football education, great passing range

  • Comment: Dortmund might play stubborn on Gündogan as they will not want to loose all of their best players. The price might actually be worth it but I am looking for more shroud business.

DM: (15-20mio) Luis Gustavo 25 (contracted till 30.06.2015)

great all-round midfielder

  • Comment: Much underrated by club and nation but that won't last for long. The player might be seeking more playing time in order to make the brazil team for the WC. That gives us leverage in the negotiations.

CM/DM: (10-15mio) Etxebarria Urklaga 26 (contracted till 30.06.2014)

Spain international, wobbly confidence, immense passing range, he is a bask and his name is awesome

  • Comment: He has nailed himself a spot in the spain roaster so why not give it a try, plus his contract situation means we can get him on the cheap. You might know him under Benat.

CM: (supposedly 18mio) Alcantara 22 (Contracted till 30.06.2015)

  • Comment: I won't add him just because he is on basically every list.

DM/DM: (5-10mio) James McCarthey 22 (contracted till 30.06.2016)

Great potential

  • Comment: Loan him to Sunderland so he can grow up and develop his character.

LM, LB: (3mio) Jean Beausejour 28 (contracted till 30.06.2014), mister utility

CB: (15-20mio) Benatia Mehdi 26 (contracted till 30.06.2017) Brick wall, calm and composed

CB: (8-12mio) Lovren Dejan 23 (contracted till 30.06.2016) Great talent

  • Comment: My personal favorite when it goes to the CB position, as I see him going through the same development like Ivanovic

LB: (10-20mio) Luke Shaw 17 (contracted till 30.06.2018)

Immense talent

  • Comment: There is no real need in that position so why not wait and get him next season if he does keep up with his progress (he is a chelsea fan the boy is not running away from us)

GK: (8mio) Julio Cesar 33 (contracted till 30.06.2016)

  • Comment: We need a keeper. He is a good one.

ST: (25-35mio) *Wayne Rooney* 27 (contracted till 30.06.2015)

Fan Favorite, Star Factor, World Brand, *Mental Strength*, *Winner Mentality*, *Versatile*, *Superb Passer*

  • Comment: I believe he could rise the esteem and confidence of the team and whole club to a level where we are considered one of the top 3 clubs in the world. If there is something I will never doubt it is the will and character of Rooney so I firmly believe he find back to old ways and be a great asset to our club. I would never go out and spend 50 mio on him but 30 mio are worth the risk.

+30 Rooney +8 Cesar +10 Lovren +8 McCarthey +12 Urklaga +17 Gustavo +15 Tello +8 Guidetti
= 108 Amazing Squad
OUT: +5 Kakuta +5 Bruma
=10 Surplus
Netto expenditures: 98 mio
(That was what this was all about spending money big time. After pre-season I would probably be able to make some more substantial cash on further sales)

Core Squad:

GK: 1. Petr Cech, 2. Julio Cesar, 3. Jamal Blackman

RB: 1. Azpilicueta, 2. Kallas

LB: 1.5 A. Cole, 1.5 Bertrand

CB: 1.5 Luiz, 1.5 Ivanovic, 3. Cahill, 4. Terry

Holding M. : 1. Gustavo, 2. Mikel, 3. Romeu 4. Essien 5. Ramires

Box to Box: 1. Ramires, 2. Oscar, 3. Lampard, 4. Essien, 5. Benat, 6. Mikel

Pivot Tandem: 1. Gustavo - Benat, 2. Mikel - Benat, 3. Mikel - Gustavo 4. Romeu - Benat

(I will not consider Luiz though he might make up a better combination than some listed)

Deep Distributer: 1. Benat, 2. Mikel, 3. Lampard, 4. Oscar, 5. Gustavo, 5. Essien, 6. Romeu

Midfield three: 1. Oscar - Gustavo - Ramires 2. Benat - Gustavo - Mikel 3. Benat - Gustavo - Ramires 4. Oscar - Gustavo - Mikel ...

CAM: 1. Mata, 2. Hazard, 3. Oscar, 4. Rooney, 5. Lampard

LF/LM: 1. Tello, 2. Hazard, 3. Moses, 4. Oscar, 5., Ramires 6. Rooney, 7 Mata

RF/RM: 1. Hazard, 2. Moses, 3. Oscar, 4, Rooney, 5 Ramires, 6. Tello, 7. Mata

ST: 1. Rooney, 2. Torres, 3. Ba, 4. Tello

Stars: *Rooney*, Hazard, Mata, Luiz, Mikel, Cech

Fading Stars: Lampard, Terry, (Torres)

Up Coming: Oscar, Moses, Gustavo, Ramires, Benat, Azpilicueta, Lukaku, De Bruyne

Lost in translation: Marin

(Sorry for the formatting and spelling, I wrote this originally in text file)

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