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Yossi Benayoun complains of racist abuse

Christopher Lee

This isn't nearly as fun as discussing transfer rumours, but has to be touched on anyway -- Yossi Benayoun has again started talking about being racially abused by Chelsea fans:

I was warming up, in readiness for the substitution, when I started getting it from one or two fans. There were threatening words like "little so and so Jew" and other stuff that was worse.

I had never encountered anything like that before in all my career. I have played in Spain and the Premier League, and all over the world with the Israel national team, but I’ve never had that.

I suppose you have to accept there are racist supporters throughout the world who can target you at any time, but it’s still not nice. I complained about it to Chelsea officials, and they said they would investigate, along with the police.

-via Mail.

I guess we'd all like to think that Chelsea fans are above such things, but if you've been on Twitter you'll know that a few supporters regularly cross the line for reasons unknown. Benayoun's not been a popular figure as of late, representing much that was wrong with Rafa Benitez's substitution policy, but being disliked isn't a particularly good reason for him to be racially abused -- or for him to be abused in such a way that he interprets it as anti-Semitic. It's not acceptable, and I'd hope that my fellow supporters will join me in condemning any abuse that may have occurred.

One line I did find interesting is Benayoun's insistence that this has never happened to him before, because two years ago the Blues made an official complaint to the Malaysian Football Association, citing anti-Semitic abuse towards Benayoun during a friendly, for which they were forced to apologise. Anyway, that's just a side note. The moral of the story is that hey numbnuts don't be racist. To our players, to anyone else's players, or to anyone at all. How hard is it to not be racist?

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