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Chelsea to play Inter Milan on August 1st in Indianapolis

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Giuseppe Bellini

I hope Chelsea aren't too bored of the United States of America just yet, because they'll have to head back there in August to compete in the International Champions Cup of Supreme Importance (name paraphrased). Not only will they have to go to the States -- they'll have to go to Indianapolis, which I'm given to understand was named after a famous fictional archeologist's dog.

Anyway, Chelsea will be playing against Inter Milan at the LucasOil Stadium on August 1st*. Like the Blues, Inter will be sporting a new manager, with old Champions League foe Walter Mazzarri taking the reins, so it'll be fun to see what the wily and slightly deranged 51-year-old does with his side.

*The official site is reporting an 8pm kickoff, which I assume is local time -- if true, that's 1am BST.

Should Chelsea win No matter what, there'll be another game in New York, and then one final match down in Miami. No West Coast tour this year, I'm afraid, which is a bit silly given that the club's just had games in St. Louis and New York last week. Oh well.