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Chelsea ranked 5th in football 'brand value'

Five percent growth? These chaps are very happy.
Five percent growth? These chaps are very happy.
Scott Heavey

What a fascinating modern world we live in. Football clubs aren't just clubs anymore -- they're 'global brands', whose image must be burnished and promoted at every opportunity. This must be much more annoying for the older generation than mine, seeing as I don't even remember a time when the Premier League didn't exist and therefore grew up with brandification well underway, but it's pretty disquieting from where I'm sitting. If Chelsea start calling supporters 'stakeholders' it'll be time to consider ending it all.

Anyway. Brands. What could be more important to modern football than the value of one's brand? Nothing at all. And Chelsea, according to 'leading brand valuation agency' Brand Finance, have the fifth most valuable brand in the world, having grown five percent from last year (when they were also fifth) to $418 million. That's some way behind top dogs Bayern Munich, who overtook Manchester United this year and are apparently worth more than twice what we are.

To that I say:

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