Ok so i've seen many other entries to this and I decided, instead of doing something similar, I was going to do something completely different. I realised that 100million was nowhere near enough to fit my needs and so I set about selling. Firstly though, I would release any players out of contract this summer apart from ferreira who has to stay :).


Torres (15m) - Better form this season with 22 goals and therefore will go for some money but still a shadow of his old self and not good enough for chelsea

Ba (12m) - Good striker but nothing special, not good enough for chelsea if we are planning on winning everything!

Oscar (30m) Yes! I said it, I would cash in on Oscar. He has had a good but not spectacular season and although I do see his incredible potential, I don't rate him as highly as kevin de bruyne and due to the high price he would inevitably go for, I thought - why not?

Luiz (35m) This will probably cause the biggest shock out of all my sales but Luiz is still a vulnerability at the back and although I have now sacrificed any slim chance I had of anyone agreeing with me, I feel there are better options out there and due to the interest shown by Barcelona and Napoli - why not cash in?

Cahill (10m) - Makes endless mistakes and although he is a threat from set pieces and has the odd great game, he is similar to Ivanovic except not as versatile and in my opinion not as good at defending and therefore I would sell him.

Terry (5m) - Makes the club a laughing stock at times and damages our reputation. I completely respect everything he's done for the club but I would prefer to make a few millions on him rather than let him go when his contract expires for fee.

Mikel (10m) - Below par for any top team, he has had another ok season where he has been pretty average and he is not in the same league as some other defensive midfielders around the globe.

Cech (15m) - All i can say is thank you, and courtois.

That gives me 132 million in sales + 100 million to spend = 232 million. *licks lips* let me get started...


Hummels: (30m) Top, top player, incredibly underrated in my opinion and will inevitably improve. Makes mistakes like Luiz but less of them and I feel he is better than Luiz.

Varane (30m) Another awesome cb and another young one too! He will want to follow Mourinho who gave him his chance and I can really see this happening. Him and hummels would be a formidable partnership at the back. He has the potential to be the best CB in the world.

Chiellini (25m) I am surprised so few people have chose to buy him - he has bags of quality on the ball, is a great defender and is still relatively young. Would be a great sub/starting cb for our team and would even give us the option of playing 3 at the back.

Vidal (30m) My Juventus raid continues and this time in the form of, in my opinion, the best defensive midfielder on the planet. Would be amazing if we signed him.

Modric (32m) Has had a tough season with Madrid but again seems to have a good link with Mourinho and has been a long term target of ours. Him and vidal infront of hummels and varane/chiellini would be a defensive force to be reckoned with. He has the ability to kickstart our attacks.

Ronaldo (60m) The reason he would only cost this - being the 2nd best player in the world - is his age. However his goal conversion rate for a winger is ridiculous and him, mata and hazard would tear to bits defences with no questions asked. He is just sooo good and we would easily win the Premiere League with him on our side.

Yilmaz (20m) Has been immense in the champions league and would make for a superb back up striker behind LUKAKU.

Begovic (7m) Great back up keeper behind courtois, has proven himself in the premiere league.

Recall: De bruyne, Lukaku, Chaloah, courtois, essien.


Courtois (begovic)

Azpilicueta (Ivanovic) Hummels (chalobah/ivanovic) Varane (chiellini) Cole (bertrand)

Modric (lampard/ramires) Vidal (chalobah/essien)

Hazard (moses) Mata (de bruyne) Ronaldo (ramires)

Lukaku (Yilmaz)

This team would easily win the premiere league, would probably win the champions league, is young and will prove a force for years to come.

Reserve Players: Begovic, ivanovic, chiellini, bertrand, de bruyne, moses, yilmaz, ramires, chalobah, marin, ferreira, essien, ake, romeu

Loan: Van aanholt to middlesbrough

Mceachran to hull

Thorgan Hazard to Anderlecht

Wallace to Brentford

Kalas to Middlesbrough,

Kakuta to Middlesbrough

Piazon to Hull

Clifford to Brentford

Omeruo to Watford

Bruma to Stuggart

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Walker to sheffield united

This may not be the best of entries as I am not sure how to add photos, and gifs however I feel it is a very strong starting 11/squad and one that will win us many trophies.

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