WAGNHSSS - Jose, Roman and Big Kev combine!

First of all I want to say this is a great idea by the guys at WAGNH and I think it should be implemented every transfer window.

To start off, I believe the best way to go about this is to analyze the squad at present.

My squad report will be looked at using the current formation of 4231, although I think the Special One could vary to 433 or 4321.

Goalkeepers - Cech, Courtois, Hilario, Turnbull, Delac, Blackman and Walker

In my opinion, Cech should remain as our number one. On occasions in the past few seasons he has looked a little shaky, but some of his saves are outstanding to prove he is one of the best in the world in his position. Look no further than saves v Liverpool off Carroll in the FA Cup Final last year and v United off Hernandez this year. Courtois has also been outstanding, a solid keeper who I have kept tabs on and seems already to also be one of the best in the world and at such a young age too. Delac, Blackman and Walker are all young solid keepers who have impressed at times when given opportunities. Hilario and Turnbull are out of contract and I'd like to say a huge thank you to both and no, sorry we won't be renewing those contracts. No new keepers would be needed in my opinion.

Left Back - Cole, PVA and Bertrand

Cole has signed his contract extension and is with us for one more year. Bertrand and PVA are both solid solutions but nothing special not in line with Baines or Cole which we would want. So a left back may be on the agenda.

Right Back - Iva, Dave, Wallace, Kalas, Ferraira, Kane

Iva can switch between centre and right back which always helps. Dave is looking to be a great right back and a sensational signing. Kalas and Wallace are unproven and haven't had the chance yet to prove themselves on a major scale. Of course, Paolo is also leaving us as he is out of contract. Cheers Paolo! Kane another youngster who really hasn't impressed me so far, albeit he is still young. We have enough right backs for this season.

Centre Back - Terry, Cahill, Iva, Luiz, Bruma, Hutch, Omeruo, Christensen

Big JT is getting old and is definitely on the decline there is no doubt about it. Cahill is not a top 4 team defender in my opinion. I do like Gary, but his tendency to dive in to tackles can put us on the back foot in certain situations. Iva, a very solid defender, right or centre, where ever you put him. Luiz always unreliable at centre back and maybe one of our solutions to the midfield. I think midfield it is for the Geezer. Bruma really hasn't impressed me this season. If he isn't good enough for Hamburg, how is he good enough for Chelsea? Hutch too, very impressive return but I am still not convinced. Omeruo and Christensen I do like but they are not ready for Premier League football. Therefore, one world class centre back would be needed.

Centre Midfield (Pivot) - Lampard, Essien, Mikel, Luiz, Ramires, Romeu, McEachran, T Hazard, Chalobah, Ake, Loftus Cheek

Lampard has one more year in him and I'll be very happy if he scores more than 10 next season but this won't be guaranteed by any means. Bison is just a beast, and I'd love to see him back, even if it is as a bit part player in rotation. Mikel is one of my least favourite players. He seems to slow down the play, his range of passing is very poor and his comment about the Europa League was ridiculous. Luiz and Ramires are very capable and can also change positions which also helps alot. Romeu is just coming back from his injury but he looked like a very good little player at the beginning of the season. Josh hasn't fulfilled all the hype which was set for him, but I still feel he has a future at Chelsea. Chalobah has had a very successful season under the Magician, Zola showing he is almost ready for Premier League life. Same with Ake and Ruben who I was very impressed with throughout the season and especially the America tour. Safe to say one of the positions we need to look at.

Attacking Midfield - Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Moses, Malouda, Benayoun, Marin, KDB, Kakuta, Ramires, Piazon

Mazacar, do I need to say anything? Okay we'll move on. Moses is good for rotation, although not the most world class player. At the start of the season he was very direct and would skin opponents for fun, but towards the end of the season I was left shouting at my laptop or TV when he lost the ball. Malouda and Benayoun, see you later. And sorry how it's gone down Florent! Marin, well, German Messi huh? Okay cool! KDB is a special talent. If these rumours that we are selling to Dortmund are true I will be very disappointed. A real gem. Kakuta, a player whose potential was so damn high, yet he is nowhere near reaching it. Ramires can play in these positions, but I prefer him in the pivot role. Piazon can also play on the left but he is still young and need more game time and a good club.

Strikers - Torres, Ba, Feruz, Bamford, Lukaku

Torres, Torres, Torres. As much as I have been frustrated with him, I have really enjoyed watching him score, for example rounding the keeper v Barca and Benfica. Ba has also been frustrating. Although scoring some world class athletic goals, his tendency to shoot and miss instead of take players on using his strength or hit the target is infuriating! Feruz and Bamford are good young strikers and are developing nicely, although they are not ready for first team action just yet. Lukaku, a beast, a tank, an animal. However you describe him, you cannot do anything but be impressed. The hat trick at Old Trafford was sensational especially in SAF's last game. A real raw talent who I am very impressed with.


Hilario, Turnbull, Malouda, Benayoun and Ferraira are all leaving on free transfers so that'll free up the wage bill.

Courtois loan to Athletico - He said he is happy for this to happen and we can't let this gem to leave even if Petr is a god!

Walker loan to championship team - To gain more experience.

Bertrand for £7 million - Cole will be here for one season and PVA has impressed so no space for Bertrand especially if we invest in a left back.

Wallace loan to Vitesse - Gain some good experience of football in Europe

Kane loan to Blackburn - Can see him having a decent spell, but being sold after a season or two for a million or so.

Kalas loan to a low end Prem team - Gain some solid experience which I believe he is ready for.

Bruma £3 million - Unsuccessful loan period leads to a sale.

Hutch <£1 million - Brilliant story, but that seems to have affected him.

Omeruo loan to Championship team - Experience

Christensen loan to Championship team - Gain some great experience for step up to first team

Mikel £10 million - Seems to hinder our midfield rather than help

McEachran loan to low end Prem team - Middlesborough loan seems to have helped, let's see it stepped up

Romeu loan to Spanish team - half season loan to get back to his best after the injury

Thorgan Hazard loan to Anderlect - Had a great season at Zulte now needs some European football experience

Chalobah loan to Hull - Been exciting to see him work under Zola, but needs to step up to Prem football to get some experience at the highest level

Ake loan to Watford - There will be a Chalobah size hole at Watford and who better to fill it than young Nathan.

Loftus Cheek loan to Championship team - Another youngster who has had a great season, but needs experience.

Marin £4 million to German club - German Messi needs to go home

Kakuta £3 million - Once a huge prospect has failed to live up to the hype. We need to cut our losses and get rid quick.

Piazon loan to Malaga - why not offer him to a cash strapped club in exchange for experience?

Ba £7 million to mid table Prem club - disappointing half season with the club and we need a world class striker to move forward with

Feruz loan to Championship club - experience

Bamford loan to Championship club - experience

Lukaku loan to Swansea or Dortmund - I know a lot of people may object to this but he is still raw and we need proof it wasn't just a one off! Swansea play similar football and don't have an out and out striker with Michu at CAM or CF. Dortmund have Lewandowski gone...need a's a beast! And this loan move can be used as a leeway for future transfers. Both teams experiencing European football would be great.

Total Out = £35 million


Marco van Ginkel for £8 million - A solid youngster who can play in the pivot role. Also can get cheaper due to links with Vitesse.

Drogba for £3 million - I may be dreaming and it may never happen but how much would you like to see Didier return? Would love him to come back for his last season as an impact sub then retire and become a coach. Also could teach Lukaku a thing or two...

Varane/Hummels ~£30 million - One or the other, I would be excited with either. Both young talented centre backs. Varane has worked with Jose before and if rumours are true I would love for the young Frenchman to become an integral part of the defence. Hummels is another great centre back and our loan of Lukaku could work in our favour to help this transfer occur.

Shaw for £17 million - Great young left back. Has the potential to take over from King Cole. To our advantage he is English and a Chelsea fan. Would be ideal to send back to Southampton on a year loan deal till Cole's contract is up.

Schurrle for £23 million - Great dynamic attacking player who can play anywhere in the attacking trio and even up front.

Burak Yilmaz for £14 million - Maybe could be helped persuaded by Didier. In my opinion an outstanding striker, a real gem. I did think long and hard about others such as Rooney, Lewandowski, Bony, Benteke, Cavani or Falcao, but none of them I could see reason to split the bank for. Rooney being at United will have the same problems at Chelsea. Lew is going Bayern. Buying Bony and Benteke would be a kick in the teeth to Lukaku. Cavani seems like he wants money and Citeh is going to offer the most. And as I write this Falcao is announced at Monaco.

Total In = £ 95 million

Net Spend = -£60 million

Final Team

GK - Cech, Delac, Blackman

RB - Azpili, Iva

LB - Cole, PVA

CB - Varane/Hummels, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Luiz

CM Pivot - Luiz, van Ginkel, Ramires, Lampard, Essien

CAM Trio - Mata, Hazard, De Bruyne, Oscar, Schurrle, Moses, Ramires

ST - Yilmaz, Torres, Didier, Schurrle

The players in the final squad are also in order of how I would pick them. I know some of the transfers in and out may be optimistic but this is what I feel could be realistic. And especially with The Special One back at the helm I believe this squad can go onto win the Premier League and be successful throughout other competitions. Mainly the Premier League with United and City also changing bosses.

Thank you for reading all the way through! Any feedback would be appreciated in the comments section! Cheers and COYB!

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