WAGNHSSS - Creating A Blues Dynasty (at least for the next decade :P )

This is my first fan post, so I feel pretty pleased I am doing it on something I love - TRANSFER WINDOW !! To be honest, I am not really good at this stuff, but anyway.

The designated budget is 100 million. My plan is to build a team that keeps challenging for major titles for the next decade or more.


  • Fernando Torres (15m) - I doubt any Chelsea fan right now would regret seeing Nando's back. He's been a major disaster for us. I am actually quite milfed that we signed Torres when we had the chance to get Aguero for 35 million, not to mention that we had spent 2-3 years being linked to Aguero. We would never have been discussing about signing a striker today, had we treaded upon 'The Road not taken' rather than the road we took.
  • Malouda - Was a good player, not required anymore. Out of contract.
  • Benayoun - Make him star in the next Hobbit movie.
  • Turnbull, Hilario - Both out of contract.
  • Paulo Ferreira - Lovely guy. Would keep him in the coaching staff and help him with his coaching badges.
  • Demba Ba (10m) - Decent player, but not on Chelsea level. Earns about 85-90k per week. Too high for someone whose a squad rotation player at best.
  • Essien (7m) - World class before, still is a good player, but would prefer to sell him while he still has some market value.
  • Kakuta (3m) - Has potential, but hasnt really shown why we bothered to go through all that transfer ban trouble for him. Should be sold.
  • Bruma (4m) - Had high hopes from him, has dissapointed by failing to hold on to a starting spot at Hamburg.
  • Davila, Pirez, Hutchinson (maybe 2m) - Hope Sam makes a good career out of football. He deserves it. Unfortunately, it won't be at Chelsea. Should never have bought Davila. Pirez, well, would wish him all the best.

MONEY EARNED - 41 Million

NEW BUDGET - 141 Million


  • Courtois - Cech isnt slowing down and I love Cech. He's a legend. Would let Courtois stay another year on loan at Athletico Madrid and he can come back next year to challenge Cech.
  • Romeu - I believe he has the potential to be a very good player. He impressed under AVB. I'd loan him to a Spanish/German side to help him get back his confidence and gain more games under his belt.
  • Marko Marin - I'll admit. I was extremely excited when we signed Marin. He's a very good player. Injuries and low confidence have not helped him. There's no way I'll sell him right now. A loan back to Germany will boost his confidence and I am sure he'll do well for us in the future.
  • Kalas, Piazon, Thorgan, Van Aanholt - I want all four to be loaned to Malaga. They are in a financial crisis and they can surely do with world-class younsters who don't cost them anything while they build their finances back to positive.
  • McEachran, Chalobah, Wallace - Would love to see these three play together. A loan to a promoted side would surely work out nicely.
  • Todd Kane, Omeruo, Bamford - If Zola stays at Watford, I would send these three to him. He'll nurture them nicely.

PLAYERS TO BE BOUGHT (From Loan or transfers)


  • Mark Schwarzer - Though he is near about 40 years old, he's still a great, great goalkeeper. PLUS, he's out of contract and available for free. An absolutely reliable goalkeeper who won't have any problems being second choice. He gets some trophies at the twilight of his career. Schwarzer_1114725a_medium

We get an excellent backup goalkeeper. Works out just great for everybody.


  • Coentrao (10m)- If reports are anything to go by, Coentrao will definitely be moving on from Madrid this summer. And he shares a good rapport with Jose. Plus he's Portuguese. And he's awesome. Will be a massive upgrade to Bertrand and with Cole declining and staying for just another year, Coentrao is a must buy.


He can also play in left midfield if required, even though his attacking instincts aren't as good as Cole.

  • Shaw (10m) - Ok. Too many LB's ? Not quite. Shaw will be loaned back to Southampton or abroad. He's one for the future.


After Shaw is ready and returns, Bertrand can be sold. Also, he's a Chelsea and Cole fan.

  • Sakho (12m) - He's good in air, tackles fairly well, is only 23 years old and scores goals.


However, he's my back up plan in case I can't get Marquinhos.

  • Marquinhos (27m) - He's 18 year old. He's calm and composed on ball. He's an intercepting machine and has great positioning sense.


Plus, he's Brazilian. Priority defensive signing.

    * I would have loved Subotic, but frankly, I see no reason why Dortmund would sell him when they've already lost two of their main stars already.


  • Beñat Etxebarria (12m) - HAVE TO GET HIM !! Bilbao have NOT yet signed him and I'd be rushing to Spain to get this guy's signature. 12 million is dirt cheap for a player of his quality. He's world class, has broken into the Spanish National squad. A deep lying playmaker, I'd prefer him to Modric.


Excellent player. Spanish connections in our team will help. Exactly what we need. He'll be a starter straight away.

  • Khedira (20m) - Another player I'd be desperate to sign. If reports are true, we have a shot at getting him. Madrid let Makelele, Robben and Sneijder get away for ridiculously low sums.


I see no reason why we can't do the same with Khedira, especially since Mou enjoys a good relation with him. An awesome defensive midfielder who is a German National team regular.

  • Van Ginkel (8m) -


A very good player in the mold of Gerrard. Scores, defends, creates and tackles. His through-balls are a treat to watch.

  • Lars Bender (17m) - In case I fail to get Khedira, Lars will be my next option. He can play right back as well a defensive midfielder.


He's young and a regular German national team footballer. Has vision, tough tackler and reportedly has a cheap buyout clause which I'd activate in the blink of my eye.

  • Thiago Alcântara (18m) - If the buyout clause is true and I'd take Thiago over Benat.


He's just 22. Considered the next Xavi. Plays like Xavi. Will be Xavi. Get him. The end.


  • André Schürrle (22m) - Though his price might be just a little bit on the high side, he's an excellent player nevertheless. He has electric pace. Schurrle-13-jul_medium

Tracks back pretty well. And has hell of a right shot. Seems like an developing version of Gareth Bale, just that he's right footed.

  • De Bruyne - I want him back at Chelsea. He'll provide good depth and challenge for a starting spot.


And his crosses are world class.


  • Destro (8m) - Although Destro hasn't managed to live up to the high expectations in Roma this season, he's shown flashes of real brilliance. I think with Roma's unstable managerial situation, Destro has suffered a . Mattia_destro_italy_v_malta_fifa_2014_world_v96rylfwekil_medium

bit. Under Mourinho, Destro will realize his world class potential. He's quick, has awesome dribbling and finishes well. And he's 22.

  • Insigne (8m) - If you can fill the void left by a player of Lavezzi's standards, you've got to pretty good. That's Insigne for you. He's a brilliant striker and he'll be available on the cheap. 229872hp2_medium

He can play as an attacking midfielder also. His ball control reminds me of Mata.

  • Lukaku - If Jose can't develop the Kraken into a world class striker, then I don't know who can. He's definitely going to lead our attack next season. Romelu-lukaku_medium

    He has all the tools to lead our attack. With Mazacar along with Schurrle, De Bruyne etc behind him, he'll easily our very own 25+ goals a season striker.


  • Maximum (in case of Marquinhos, Thiago and Khedira) -131 million (We save 10 million)
  • Minimum (in case of Benat, Bender and Sakho) - 107 million (We save 32 million)


Goalkeepers - Cech, Schwarzer, Blackman

RB - Azpilicueta, Ivanovic

LB - Cole, Coentrao, Bertrand

CB - Terry, Cahill, Marquinhos(Sakho), Luiz, Ivanovic

CM - Thiago(Benat), Van Ginkel, Lampard, Khedira(Bender), Ramires, Mikel

AM - Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Moses, Schurrle, De Bruyne

FWD - Lukaku, Destro, Insigne

Our strongest lineup in a 4-3-3 formation will be something like this( I prefer to buy Benat) :


Hope you guys liked it. Would love feedback.

Fun times ahead.


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