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As I begin to write how I would conduct Chelsea's summer transfer window, I think it's best to first outline the biggest holes the club has and what they need to fill. This should accurately help me outline prices, fits, quality, and everything needed to who is the best option to fill that particular hole for Chelsea Football Club. So here are the positions i feel are of the biggest need for Chelsea:

1) CB - While Chelsea have very capable and very good CB's in Cahill, Ivanovic, and John Terry, none at this point are at a world class level like I feel David Luiz is. We need a world-class CB who can be an effective reader of the game, tackler, a player who has decent amounts of pace, and can cover the holes when David Luiz roams forward. If we can add a world class CB to partner Luiz we've easily put ourselves as the favorites to win a match with our brilliant attacking talent in Mata, Hazard, and Oscar

2) CF - Goals win you games. Games win you championships. Strikers get you the goals. Right now, we don't have a top class marksmen who can get us the goals we need to win the big games, and in the tough moments to come through. Fernando Torres did a solid job this year bagging 22 goals and scoring in some important games. Overall though, he was inconsistent and went through spells where he struggled. He's just not reliable enough. Demba Ba is the same way. He'll have his moments but he's not a reliable #1 option for a side that is looking to win the Premier League title. Therefore it is hugely important that we land a top class striker.

3) CDM - Thirdly. I say we need a defensive midfielder or holding player. While I've ranked it 3rd behind CB and CF, I still find it very important. We've seemed this year to lack the link between our end of the pitch and the opposing team. We didn't have that effect pivot player who could move the ball effectively forward to our attacking "3" while also being a strong force in there. Mikel did well being the force but isn't a terrific passer. Frank goes forward very often, its his instinct. Ramires also went forward and while a great runner, isn't truly made for that role. It's important that we find a player that can do both of that

4) LB/Attacking Midfielder - This is more of a luxury option. If a very good option occurred that really could benefit the squad then I say make it happen. If not, I really don't consider this something to fret too much over are make a big push for.

Out -

Marin - 5M. Just don't see a spot for Marko. He hasn't fit in and I'd like to bring in some cash. Move him along

Kakuta - 3M. Just forget him. A total disappointment. Has shown nothing.

Bruma - 3M. Feel like Kalas, Wallace, etc. have more potential and it's best to wave goodbye to Bruma.

Loans -

Lukaku - I think Lukaku needs another year. He's played well at WBA but he often fades out of games far too much. He still has a first touch that isn't quite up to notch yet and I think he just needs one more year to grow as a player.

Courtois - This is the time to start bedding Courtois into English Football. He's done extremely well at Atletico for the past 2 seasons but now we need to get him acclimated, see how he fits, and then give him a shot at the #1 shirt in 2014.

Chalobah - Chalobah in a way like Lukaku is still very raw. He needs time to continue to develop and get better. It's no use keeping him on the Chelsea bench when he needs minutes. To a bottom table EPL side or back to Watford.

Piazon - Lucas is much like Nat. He needs minutes. And sending him back to Malaga where he sure is to get those, in a top class league, is what he needs to further develop.

Hazard - Thorgan that is. He's got a lot of talent but he still needs time. He's got the raw talent but isn't the finished product. I'd send him on loan to Anderlecht and then look for a big league in 2014.

Kalas - I gave him his own description as I feel he's really moving along. He's a very talented player and soon I'd like to see him loaned to a Big 4 league or a bigger club in Holland to craft his trade more. He's really getting there.

Usual Loanees - The usuals once again go on loan. Davila, Pirez, Delac, Omeruo, Hutch, McEachran, Kane, Bamford, Saville.

Total Budget - £111 Million

In -



Edinson Cavani - £47 Million - Easily my #1 target. For me the best of the bunch from the group of him, Falcao, and Lewandowski. His workrate is very high. He links up very well. And he's an absolute deadly marksmen. He's the absolute perfect option to take this team to that next level. Here's a list of Cavani's tally from the last 3 years:

2010–11 35 26 2 0 10 7 47 33
2011–12 35 23 5 5 8 5 48 33
2012–13 34 29 2 2 7 7 43 38

That's just remarkable. He's averaging 26 league goals, 2 cup goals, and 6 European goals a year. That's 34 goals. Chelsea haven't had that from a forward since we won the double. His goals to games ratio is: 0.75 goals per game. That's only bettered by Falcao and Messi over the last two years. An absolute must for Chelsea Football Club for me.



Raphael Varane - £30 Million - My #2 target. What a talent. What a player. He reads the game very well. Very intelligent. A good positional sense so he'd be very good for covering for Luiz when he roams forward. A very quick player. Something we've been missing. So mature. Rarely puts a foot wrong. He's been compared to former Real Madrid captain Fernando Hierro. The guy is just for me the prototypical defender and the perfect option for this team.



Sami Khedira - £20 Million

The perfect footballer for me. Love everything about Khedira. He fits the mold of what we need. He's a very good passer of the ball, has great vision, but also is tough as nails. He's a great ball winner and tackler. He does everything 8/10 across the board and is a genuine world class player. To me, he's like Bastian Schweinsteiger except younger and just not the same energetic force like Schweini is. But he has that calm, intelligent demeanor of Claude Makelele



Luke Shaw - £14 Million

One for the future but potentially the present. Luke Shaw is the best young LB in the country. By far. He's much like Ashley Cole. Loves to attack and his loads of pace and is a good crosser. Can give a RB fits. Defensively, very smart, reads the game well, but can get physical. He does everything well and for me is too good a talent to pass up. I think he'd be a great addition to the squad.


Players In- £111 Million

Players Out - £11 Million

Net Spend - £100 Million




The team in a 4-4-2 Diamond



Here's our second/bench XI



And in the 4-4-2 Diamond



So that's that. I feel if we target these necessary changes, go after them, sign these 4 players, and go with these formations and personnel, we'll have the best chance to come away with major silverware in 2013-14.

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