WAGNH Summer shopping spree - Thinking outside the box

On the way out

Cech - 20 million - I know this is a bit crazy but If we can bring in Begovic for 7 mil then we pocket 13 mil and have a very capable replacement in Cortois, If he doesn't adjust well then Begovic is a brilliant back-up for us.
I love Cech to bits but I think from a financial and strategic viewpoint now may be the time to sell,

Marin - 5 million - recoup what we can from this deal, we have 5 better players in those 3 behind the striker and if Mourinho goes back to his old 4-3-3 then he doesn't fit in either

Loan deals - Would send everybody back on loan + Ake+ Bertrand apart from Lukaku, Wallace and Cortois

Total transfer fund - 125 million pounds

Buy, Buy, Buy

Begovic - 7 million - I would be sorry to see Cech go but it is going to happen sometime and I don't think any team would be better equipped to deal with a change in Goalkeepers right now as Chelsea.

Hummels - 27.5 million - Okay this one isn't so outside the box but it's a brilliant solution to a glaring hole in our "depth chart" if you allow me to use the term, He's just a brilliant defender.

Maloney (Wigan) - 2.5 million - What do we need? An out and out winger, What can Maloney give to us? Depth behind a talent packed line of AM's - I don't think we can go signing high priced players just so they can sit behind the trio of Mazacar. Maloney had a great season last year, is a brilliant player and would be a massive improvement on Benayoun etc. He also offers very good set pieces and we will be able to get him very cheap thanks to Wigan getting relegated.

Aroune Kone (Wigan) - 5 million - The second player on my raid of Wigan Athletic, With Lukaku, Ba and Torres as our strike force it is a pretty strong one but I think we could do with one more cheap addition - Aroune Kone is a beast and him and Lukaku upfront would give Jamie Carragher nightmares for weeks, He would once again come cheap thanks to Wigan's relegation and would bolster the front lines without being too expensive ....
(Another player I considered here was Matej Vydra from Watford)

Luke Shaw - 15 million - He loves Chelsea and is a good left-back, What more do you want?

Stuart Downing Sami Khedira/Thiago Alcantara - 20 million - If reports are true about Alcantara's release clause then I'd go for him all day long. But I highly doubt it seeing as it comes from Marca, so if this is the case then I wouldnt mind Khedira, both play a similar role in the pivot or center midfield depending on formation

With these transfers I think we have adequate depth, and skill in the squad while not crowding out any of our young talented players. We would also be financially responsible and have a good turnover from older players to younger ones.

Formation for 2013



Ivanovic - Hummels - Luiz - Cole

Ramires - Khedira/Alcantara - Oscar

Hazard - Lukaku/Ba - Mata

Subs - Begovic, Terry, Shaw, Mikel, Moses , Torres, Kone

"The Benitez"


Ivanovic - Hummels - Luiz - Cole

Mikel - Kedira/Alcantara

Hazard - Oscar - Mata


Subs - Begovic, Terry, Shaw, Ramires, Moses , Torres, Ba

I really can't see looking at that team where our weaknesses are, a world class team with good depth and able to withstand a long and arduous season once again.

I can't remember but I think it's still 7 subs =P

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