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Watford/Crystal Palace open thread: Zola and Chalobah play for promotion

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There's a game on today, and it's a big one. Discuss.

Jamie McDonald

There's a big game at Wembley today, and the winner between Crystal Palace and Watford will be the 20th and final team in the 2013/14 Premier League. Watford will be the popular choice with Chelsea fans, as both Gianfranco Zola and Nathaniel Chalobah are currently there. The lineups for today's game are as follows:

Crystal Palace also feature a youngster worth watching, as Wilfried Zaha will be joining Manchester United in a few weeks. For today though, he's going to be attempting to make sure his current club faces his future club at least twice during the upcoming season, as a win today would assure that Ian Holloway makes a return to the top flight.

As always, please keep thing civil and don't link to illegal streams. Forza Watford!