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Thibaut Courtois would prefer staying at Atletico Madrid to one of the smaller clubs in England

The young Blues' keeper says no decision has been made, but he'd prefer Champions League football to playing for a mid-table English side

Michael Regan

It's been a day or two since we heard anything from Thibaut Courtois about his future plans, but luckily he let us know exactly where things stand with the club today. Via The Mirror:

"We have not made a decision on my future. We will wait until the end of the season. But I have spoken to Chelsea and they have allowed me to make a decision. But now I'm focused on Atletico and Belgium. My dream is to increase my level and play in the World Cup in 2014."

"The Premier League is different to Spain. I think Chelsea want me to adapt with a loan deal but I would prefer to play for Atletico in the Champions League rather than a team which fights for eighth place in the Premier League. I know Chelsea don't want to loan me to another big English team and I understand that but it is a difficult situation."

So Chelsea would prefer to have Thibaut play for a lesser team in England, where Courtois would relish the chance to play in the Champions League. That makes sense on both sides, as I can see where each is coming from.

Personally, I'd like to just leave Courtois at Atletico next season if he's not going to be playing for the Blues. I don't feel he'd get any more out of playing 40 or so games for a club like Fulham as he will getting 50 or more including some Champions League action at Atletico. The style of play in England isn't so different anymore that he's likely to struggle to adapt, and unlike a certain Spaniard imported by United, Courtois already speaks the language fluently.

Many outlets are reporting that Jose Mourinho would like to have Courtois at Chelsea next season, although those seem to be based on nothing but speculation. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what he and the club decide to do. Whatever they decide, I hope it includes an extension.

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