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Kicking off the summer 2013 season of the WAGNH Transfer Rumor League

Preseason favorites Andre Schurrle and Falcao look to lead the way, while Mario Gomez collects his first points now that we can dispense with the distractions of all those silly actual football matches.

Let's get both.
Let's get both.
Shaun Botterill

Let's jog our memories of last season.

Eden Hazard ran away with the league early. Hulk, strong and steady, nestled into second place, while Oscar and Victor Moses rounded out the top four. Cesar Azpilicueta's late-season surge propelled him to fifth, eclipsing such heavy early favorites as Edinson Cavani and Luka Modric. At the other end of the table, Falcao and Marouane Fellaini had rather disappointing seasons.

Once all the ink dried on August 31st, the final standings were revealed:


The scoring method for this season remains the same:

  • DQ - direct quote; 10 points - quotes directly from the player himself or Chelsea football club (manager; front office).
  • IQ - indirect quote; 5 points - quotes from from the selling club; quotes from current Chelsea players about other players
  • UL - unsourced link; 3 points - agents dropping "hints," things that are "understood," monkeys with dartboards, etc.
  • FS - articles, FanPosts, FanShots; 1 point - discussions and analysis regarding various players (i.e.: let's buy all the players, life without Cavani is incomplete, etc.); random links from the community

While the league does not really start in earnest until the summer - i.e. NOW NOW NOW GO GO GO, right Mario Gomez? - many of the bigger favorites have been busily collecting points since February. After all, the Transfer Rumor League never sleeps!

So as we head into full-fledged silliness, here's how things stand early on:


Christian who? I honestly forgot about that whole thing! Is Schurrle this year's Hazard?

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