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Finally, a Turnbull who we want to see on the pitch

Ok, maybe that headline's a little mean. Ross Turnbull hasn't done anything to offend. He's just... very Ross Turnbull, which means that he's not particularly good at goalkeeping and I really don't want to see him playing in place of Petr Cech. Turnbull's sat on the bench without complaint, collecting four trophies in four years. In eighteen appearances.

But you know, although Turnbull's function has mostly been to remind us to hope Cech never gets hurt, ever, that doesn't mean he's never done anything good. And now we've found it. He's had a baby. In the video above, said baby, whose name is Josh, pulls a mini-Ivanovic by running through on goal and sticking the ball in the back of the net.

The best part is when he suddenly realises that he's scored and celebrates. Is this the best thing a Turnbull's ever done at Stamford Bridge? If not, it's got to be pretty close. Sign him up!

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