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Lampard signs a one-year extension

After days of rumours the Englishman would re-sign with the club, it's been confirmed - Lampard is hanging around for another year at the Bridge

Gareth Copley

Good news, everyone! The leading Chelsea goalscorer of all-time, club hero and certifiable legend Frank Lampard has agreed terms with the club to extend his twelve year stay at the club by another six months, putting an end to the frustrating speculation that he was set to move on.

"I'm absolutely delighted. Everybody knows I always maintained the dream was to stay at Chelsea.

We've been talking for ages and even though it went on for quite a period it was always amicable. I want to thank Mr Abramovich [Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich] for everything he's done in making the dream a reality."


The news comes fresh off the heels of a thrilling Europa League triumph, but I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say I'm more excited by this announcement. Lampard is undeniably a huge player in the history of the club, a role only exemplified by his recent achievements in surpassing Bobby Tambling's tally of 202 goals for the club. He didn't score against Benfica (although he came mighty close), but he was captain of the side and has contributed significantly to numerous Chelsea successes over the years - too many to count.

"I love this club, the staff, the players and especially the supporters, who have treated me fantastically since the day I arrived. The thought of helping the club to more success in the forthcoming years is all I ever wanted. I couldn't be happier."

It's been just another ludicrous season by Chelsea's standards but nothing would have quite compared to having to say goodbye to Lampard at the close. It's easy to cloud this news in a whirlwind of fretting over Financial Fair Play and restlessness over the club's rebuilding project - or even read between the lines and interpret this as another indication Jose Mourinho returning to the Bridge - but for now, I'd say we just focus on what this news really means. It means a spectacular footballer gets the contract he deserves, and it means Chelsea will remain privy to the professionalism and performances of a very special character in the Chelsea narrative.

It seems an appropriate time as ever to remind you of Graham's excellent longform on Lampard - if you haven't read it, you're missing out.

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