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Jorge Jesus is still cranky and silly

Michael Steele

Chelsea have played three matches against Benfica. They have scored five goals, conceded twice and won every encounter. All three of those games have been against Jorge Jesus, and in the aftermath of each he's given us more or less the same quote whine. On Wednesday, Jesus' outfit was beaten because they don't know how to mark from corners, allowing Branislav Ivanovic to punish them. He's how the manager reacted:

My players did not deserve to lose this game and, emotionally, it feels like they have been gunned down. It is not easy to take but we have to recover.

We showed we would have been worthy winners. For most of the 93 minutes we were better than Chelsea. Small details could have given us the victory but we couldn't manage to do it.

-Source: Sky Sports.

I've noticed an interesting trend in football talk, completely at odds with reality. For some reason we like to pretend that all that matters is outplaying the opposition in the midfield (which Benfica did) while neglecting the key business of scoring goals and not conceding them. Finishing is important. Defending is important. Claiming that one deserves to win in a 2-1 loss when the object of the game is to outscore the opposition is rather clearly insane. Chelsea deserved to win, having scored more than Benfica.

If Jesus doesn't understand this, it's no wonder he has such an appalling record on the few occasions in which his team plays someone competent. After three 'undeserved' losses to Chelsea, most would have re-thought their stance. It's a bit of a shame for Benfica that their manager refuses to.

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