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The season might not be done after Sunday

Laurence Griffiths

We know the story, right? Europa League on Wednesday, Everton at home on Sunday, and then we've wrapped up another year save for the strange postseason America tour. Well, turns out that story might not be entirely true. Consider the following: Arsenal are two points behind Chelsea and have a goal difference of 34. The Blues are at 35. That means we can, plausibly, finish level on goal differential and points should we draw at Everton.

And we're only two goals ahead in terms of goals scored as well. That means that any combination of results that sees Arsenal win by a goal while scoring at least two more than Chelsea (should Chelsea draw), will mean that the two sides finish completely level, save for one final tiebreaker.

That tiebreaker is another game. It's not clear when and where we'd actually play it, but according to the Mirror, the Premier League has confirmed that a playoff would be necessary should the teams finish on level pegging as described above.

With third place guaranteeing entrance to the Champions League group stages and fourth resulting in a potentially tricky qualifying round (although with Chelsea's coefficient the draw shouldn't be too bad), finishing in third matters. We can head off any problems should we beat Everton at Stamford Bridge, but if we don't... well, things could get a little bit weird.

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