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Europa League final pre-party / Arsenal vs. Wigan / Tuesday Open Thread

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, we are coming...


The Europa League Final pre-party starts here!

So Wigan played in a cup final on Sunday, but for all intents and purposes, today is their true cup final. And if they win today, then Sunday will be another one! But a loss at the Emirates and they say goodbye to the Premier League. I guess time does run out even for great escape artists like Roberto Martinez's men. And speaking of the part-time vampire lookalike, he's probably off to Everton or some other random destination on the manager carousel.

Well, it's been real, Wigan.

So if Arsenal win, as expected, they will jump back into fourth and push Spurs down into the Europa League spot with just one matchday left: Spurs host Sunderland, while Arsenal travel to Newcastle on Sunday.

Chelsea are pretty much guaranteed top four thanks to a goal difference that's 16 better than Spurs. They actually have a better chance of jumping up to second, should Manchester City fail to win in today's only other Premier League match (away to already relegated Reading) as well as versus Norwich City on the weekend. With the "arrogant, vain, and self-centered" Roberto Mancini now gone, and following that huge upset from the weekend, it's not entirely inconceivable that City would Spurs this up just as well.


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