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Brazil drop Ramires for Confederations Cup

Who, me?
Who, me?
Chris Brunskill

Our old friend Luis Felipe Scolari has a new adventure these days. The former World Cup-winning manager is back in charge of Brazil, who, as hosts of the next Splendid FIFA Moneymaking Carnival, have the dubious pleasure of playing in the Confederations Cup this summer. Brazil's squad for the tournament has now been named, and it includes two Chelsea players.

Wait, two? That means one of Ramires, David Luiz and Oscar has missed out! And, sadly, it's not the latter, who almost certainly could use a rest after playing in 50 billion games in the past twelve months. Instead, the victim of Scolari's cut is Ramires.

Blue partisanship aside, it makes some sense. After an excellent 2011/12 campaign, Ramires has been stuck in deep midfield for most of this season, and his form has suffered badly for it. I think Brazil are missing a trick in not including him even if they didn't want him to start -- his versatility has real value, especially in a squad whose right back corps includes Dani Alves and NOTHING ELSE.

Truthfully, though, I'd rather zero Chelsea playersmake the squad. It's been a long season, and they need a nice rest this summer.

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