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Sideshow Dave explains his five-second-smiley and talks about the difference between beef and chicken

Michael Regan

Amongst Chelsea fans, David Luiz's smile was already famous well before Rafael's sending off at Old Trafford. Following that incident, it was also big news - news in the loosest sense - for the rest of the footballing world as well ... for about fifteen minutes, if that.

Other than a parting shot from Sir Alex Ferguson - calling David a "dying swan" - nothing further has come of the five-second-smile. Of course it would be quite silly for anything further to come of an incident that warranted no further action, but football and specifically the football media is a strange beast and random acts of nonsense occur fairly often.

Looking to prevent any such further increase in entropy and to also continue his life's work of world peace and harmony between universes, David Luiz has explained the smile - apparently a result of a Simpsons reference - anyway:

I didn't laugh at Rafa, I laughed to the fans, five seconds after the tackle. I laughed before the red card.

I respect everyone on the pitch and I can laugh when the people sing something for me.

It's better I laugh than cry, no?

-Source: Sky Sports

Indeed; keep on laughing, Sideshow Dave.

I do have one question. Is this really the first time he's heard a fan (Chelsea or otherwise) call him Sideshow Bob? I certainly would've thought he'd be long tired of that joke...

So, David's got no beef with the fans or Rafael. Although that may be because he's been eating chicken this season:

When you win something and you finish you are hungry again.

So last year I ate beef, now I have chicken but I'm still really hungry and want to win more titles.

-Source: Evening Standard

The Champions League is clearly where the beef's at; the other cups taste just like chicken. I think the Geezer is practicing his food metaphors for a certain big proponent of Waitrose eggs.

Bonus quote; here's the seed for your next "Nico Gaitan to Chelsea, ITK ITK ITK" rumor:

When Nico arrived in Benfica I tried helping him a lot because he wanted to go back to Argentina, because he missed Argentina.

I talked to him and said 'come on, you have a great opportunity to show your football to the world so don't go back'.

-Source: Evening Standard

What a guy, what a guy!

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