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If you do not love Eden Hazard, you're probably soulless

Eden Hazard is incredible. He's incredible not just in the standard ways an attacking midfielder is incredible -- for that we need to turn to fellow hobbit Juan Mata, who is about as perfect a number ten as you could possibly hope for. Hazard can do all of those great footballer things -- he passes well, he can shoot, moves into space, blah blah blah blah blah. But he also has a weird and wonderful gift: He makes defenders look stupid.

It's almost magical the way Hazard can past through people. Sure, he doesn't always manage to do it, but when he's going well, the 22-year-old is utterly untouchable. His ability to dribble at speed is virtually unmatched in football, and that's what makes him so darn fun. When Hazard's on the ball, something cool is probably going to happen. And this is only the start. Give him another year, and he'll be setting the world on fire.

Seriously, watch the video. Savour it. Enjoy it. This is just the beginning.

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