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Mourinho denies turning down offer from United, drops yet another hint

Growing tired of Mourinho articles, rumors, memes, et al. already? Yeah, me neither.

Julian Finney

The ever-evolving, never-to-stop Jose Mourinho murmuring has continued today, with the current Real Madrid scapegoat endorsing new Manchester United boss David Moyes. While pointing out (no doubt humbly) to Sky Sports that Lord Ferg personally rang him to tell him the news of his impending retirement, Mourinho gave Moyes the co-sign, saying he'll no doubt do a good job at Old Trafford. Defining what "good job" means remains up for interpretation.

When Sir Alex called me to give me the honour of knowing from him his decision, I was surprised and sad. At the same time, I was happy to feel his emotion, and pride for such an amazing career. It will be difficult for me, and I think all managers, to go to Old Trafford and play against Manchester United, without this mythical figure waiting for us.

I think David is a great choice. I like him as a person, I like his character as a manager. I believe Manchester United will support him, I think he has the qualities to do a good job. I wish Sir Alex a happy life, and I wish David a successful career at Old Trafford.

The bigger news, at least for us Chelsea people, is that Mou dropped yet another hint regarding his impending managerial destination. This was coming on the heels of a story published in the Portugese paper Record (via AS) revealing that Mourinho actually turned down the United position because his family prefers lavish London to industrial Manchester.

Mou sniped that rumor in his Sky Sports interview, saying he never discussed being Ferguson's successor with Old Red Nose or the United hierarchy and that his good friends know where he wants to be when he finishes up at Real Madrid - which, in all likelihood, will be when this season concludes.

(Ferguson and I) are good friends, and my good friends know which club I would like to manage when I finish my work at Real Madrid.

Now which club would that be? #blueisthecolour

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