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Aiming to generate page clicks for newspapers and blogs, John Obi Mikel says the club is crazy


Hamish Blair

All John Obi Mikel seems good for nowadays is a quote or a sound bite - heady days, the Rafalution - so let's see what's the latest from Chelsea's unsung hero.

The club is crazy, it is.

So juicy! So controversial!

Taken in isolation, there are plenty of ways to interpret this. Yes, he could actually be insulting the club, as crazy as that may seem - using the word in the sense of deranged, mentally unstable. But from a professional player like Mikel, who's grown mentally by leaps and bounds since his own crazy (irrational, irresponsible) days as a 19- and 20-year-old, I don't think that's likely at all.

The club is crazy, it is. But we have to keep doing our job. We're players. The board, the owners, make the decision and we have to stick by whoever comes in.

Besides the part where he went all a bit Yoda on the whole thing - or should I say, on the whole thing a bit Yoda he went - the word club is most likely meant in the sense of "everyday life at the club, but especially during this absurd season and change" rather than any individual person(s). And there's no doubting that life is crazy (ridiculous, bonkers) at a club like Chelsea, probably more so than most other top level professional sports teams.

Mikel has now played under eight different full-time managers in his seven seasons at the club. That is pretty crazy (amazing, astonishing) indeed, as is the consistent stream of trophies coming in despite all the turnover at the top. Next season should bring another change, but it may not be a new face at all. And how crazy (hysterical, excellent) would that be?

Mourinho is a fantastic guy. He's a great guy.

He's a fantastic human being, on and off the pitch. He knows how to motivate players, how to get the best out of players.

If you work with him, from the first day he tells you what he wants from you. That's exactly how it's going to be. What he wants from you is what you have to give and this is something that he's managed to do well and if he's the one that's coming in it's going to be a massive, massive plus for us.

Massive. Crazy (intensely, fascinatingly) massive.

So what about this crazy (senseless, weird) business of the Europa and Champions Leagues? From the final of one to the final of the other - in the wrong order of course just to keep it fresh - a crazy (strange, mad) twelve months to be sure.

If we are the in the same final next year, I won't be happy. The aim of this squad is to play in the Champions League.


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