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Polls: Welcome to the last four of the Champions League of Hate

The favorites did what favorites do. Now it's time to see which of these two vile creatures will contest the first-ever Champions League of Hate final.

Hungry for Suarez.
Hungry for Suarez.
Alex Livesey

The semifinal round of this glamour competition can really only be described as two clashes of titans. That is, if by titans you mean bastards.

A teether. A waiter. An incompetent. And, well, a prick. Who in the bloody hell do you vote for?

The Round of 8 was a veritable whitewash, with only the tie between Rafa and Howard Webb resembling any sort of a contest. And even it was rather comfortable. Suffice to say: The people have spoken, and they don't quite like this lot.

I hate your face.

These beautiful faces, fittingly, all can make a legitimate case to hoist the CL of Hate trophy. Well, it's not a trophy - more like a urinal with bunny ears. This truly is a abominable quartet of men that is hated far and wide. I really can't wait to see how this plays out.


So, why wait any longer? Let's get on with the community voting. We'll close the polls on Friday and decide the final sometime over the weekend - unless I get all hateful and postpone it. Watch this space.

Also, don't forget: We ask that you channel most of your animosity into the voting process and not into producing obnoxious commentary below. And please, don't engage in mindless bickering with someone whose opinion doesn't mesh with yours. Leave the hate for the tournament, people.

I'm out - meeting Jose for drinks.

Update: After much delay, the second poll is now live.

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