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Manchester Derby / Monday Night Football Open Thread

Are you ready for some football, a Monday night, Manchester United title-winning party?

Sweep the leg, Bobby!
Sweep the leg, Bobby!
Michael Regan

Manchester United has effectively sown up the league a long time ago, but a win tonight versus cross-town rivals and (distant) second place Manchester City would just about erase all mathematical chances of not winning it as well.

Sure, an 18-point lead with seven matches to go would theoretically still not be a guarantee, but losing six out of seven is not something that happens often to any football team, let alone United. The only smidgen of hope may be that United have only two victories - and scrappy 1-0's versus middling opposition at that - from their last five matches in all competitions. Of course, both were in the league, while the other three knocked them out of the two Cups they were still chasing. Ha ha! NO TREBLE FOR YOU! Come back, one year.

Since this is pretty much going to be United's title winning Monday night party, I'd like to take this opportunity to point both thumbs back at myself and say "This guy!" Who predicted a United title in August? THIS GUY.

No, no, it's ok, save your applause.

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