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Because Mourinho alone just isn't enough, why don't we bring back Frank Lampard as well?

It's been a good day for Chelsea fans today, hasn't it?

Ian Walton

So if the special one is to be believed, it seems like we're likely going to be replacing the less-than-lovable Rafa Benitez with the uber-lovable Jose Mourinho. But because that isn't good enough news for Chelsea fans, the media is going wild with speculation that we'll be keeping around another legend in Frank Lampard. According to The Independent:

The Independent understands that the mood has changed lately at the club and that a one-year deal, on around his current pay scale, will be offered to him.

The announcement of a new contract would not be made until after the season is over, and most likely when a new manager arrives. The lead candidate is Jose Mourinho, who would naturally support any deal for Lampard. There is even a suggestion that Mourinho would announce Lampard's deal at his first press conference.

While Lampard is certainly not playing anywhere near the level of his paycheck anymore, resigning the legend on a 1-year deal at something close to his current wage would be awfully hard to complain about. While this seems to be more speculation than anything at this point, it would certainly go a long way toward correcting some of the mistakes made in sacking Roberto Di Matteo and replacing him with interim. Combine this with the almost inevitable return of Michael Essien if the Mourinho news is true, and it's been a very good day indeed.

We'll see just how accurate this rumor is in the coming weeks, but if nothing else, today is certainly helping to raise the spirits of the supporters before a pair of crucial fixtures. Now don't go and screw it all up Rafa...your dream job at Real Madrid probably wont be there if you do.

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