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Chelsea 2 - Swansea 0: Initial reaction and community rating form

Chelsea earned a much needed three points with a victory over Swansea, and nobody was bitten in the process

Ian Walton

Both Chelsea and Swansea looked like teams with very little to play for during the opening minutes of the match, with both clubs seemingly content to go through the motions and lull their opponent to sleep. The forced entrance of Frank Lampard seemed to wake up the Blues though, and they'd score a pair in the late going to more or less put this one to bed.

The half time speeches appear to have been skipped over in favor of nap time, as both teams came out of the dressing room seemingly content to take the 2-0 result. After 45 minutes and far too few Chelsea chances, both teams got what they seemed to be content to take. Here are a few thoughts before I go get some coffee to wake me up:

  • In what is becoming the norm of late, I liked the lineup that Rafa selected today. It was strong, and managed to avoid the whole Mikel/Clattenberg reunion at the same time. Well done Rafa.
  • I'm very concerned about the injury to Ramires today. He's not been at his best for most of this season, but having him be unavailable for the remaining fixtures this season would be far from ideal.
  • I love the fact that Chelsea finally tried to play in a striker behind the defense on a throw in the 65th minute today. It's the first time this season I can remember them doing so, despite plenty of opportunities.
  • Ashley Williams should have been sent off in the second half for an obvious second yellow card. Mark Clattenburg though. Ugh.
  • I really would have liked to see some more second half goals from Chelsea, as the goal differential could still come into play with Arsenal. I'd especially loved some more Frank Lampard goals, as the milestone is right there for him to grab.
  • The win today puts Chelsea's magic number to finish ahead of Tottenham at just 9. With any luck, the magic number to finish ahead of Arsenal should be 8 in about an hour. It's awfully nice having some room for error with a trip to Old Trafford coming up, isn't it?

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