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'Former Blues Midfielder' Frank Lampard?!

Michael Regan

Life just wouldn't be normal without some Chelsea related controversy, eh? This time, however, it's not coming on the field -- Chelsea TV, apparently unhappy that they haven't had a monumental screwup recently, have rectified that situation with their television listing.

It's really difficult to understand how this has happened if it was by accident. Frank Lampard is very much alive and kicking and is still -- as evidenced by him playing in the 2-1 away win at Basel -- a member of the team. The current leading Premier League goalscorer, in fact. It's completely and utterly implausible for someone at the television station not to know he's still under contract and playing regularly at the club.

There are other scenarios. Perhaps the fans are being directly mocked. Perhaps this is a joke that's going over my head (considering the calibre of Chelsea TV, I doubt it). Perhaps this is Chelsea's way of announcing that Lampard's contract won't be renewed, which sounds very Chelsea.

No matter what, it's embarrassing.

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