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MOUCON 0, Rejoice!!!

Everybody, we are at MOUCON 0 [or at least very deep into MOUCON 1]!

Lars Baron

Moments ago, major German newspaper Bild reported that Jose Mourinho will be coming home. They're also reporting that long-term target Falcao is coming too! While I'm less-than-excited about the financial implications of a Falcao deal, a major source like Bild running a story confirming a Mourinho return is very big news. If you're unconvinced, they were very early on the Guardiola-to-Bayern story, and have a very good track record when it comes to these things. Rejoice, people! [Unless you're not a fan of Jose coming back. In that case, drown your sorrows.]

Now if we could just back out of this danged Falcao deal and buy Robert Lewandowski instead, I'd need to be taken to hospital with a terminal case of the vapours. The Polish striker, you see, is demolishing a very good Real Madrid side and virtually-ensuring that Mourinho will surely be on his way out of Madrid. Seriously, Chelsea. Buy Lewandowski!

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