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The polls are open - vote now for your 2012-13 Chelsea Player of the Year!

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He knows who he is, he knows who he iiiiiis; Player of the Year, he knows who he is.
He knows who he is, he knows who he iiiiiis; Player of the Year, he knows who he is.
Gareth Cattermole

Nothing heralds the end of the season quite like end of season awards. I mean, the proof is quite literally in the pudding. "End of season" awards. Award x,y,z "of the year." And so on.

I'm sorry, that was a lame opening. But I'm trying to pad this thing a bit, since it's mostly just a call for all you unwashed lot to go vote for YOUR 2012-13 Chelsea Player of the Year. Yes, this is the real deal. It's as official as it gets. And it couldn't be simpler:

  1. Hang a left and head over to the official Chelsea website.
  2. Find the story in the standard football website design Javascript slider/carousel thingie; it's currently at position #4.
  3. "Read" the story by clicking "read the story."
  4. Click the tab that says "VOTING FORM."
  5. VOTE or die.

If steps 1-3 prove too difficult, you can also click HERE and go straight to the voting page. Magic! You could also click HERE and also go straight to the voting page. Yes. It is magical magic. Magic squared, if you will. BOOYAH. No no, you don't have to thank me. Oh ok, go ahead.

But make no mistake, this is serious business. The winners of the Player of the Year award read like a who's who of Chelsea greats and legends. Drogba & Osgood. Zola & Nevin. Lampard & Wilkins. Terry & Clarke. Bonetti & Cech. Webb & Harris. Hollins & Wise. This could go on for a bit.

Peter Bonetti took home the first edition in 1967. Since then, there have been just three back-to-back winners: John Hollins ('70 & '71), Ray Wilkins ('76 & '77), and Frank Lampard ('04 & '05). Having won the award last year, Juan Mata has a (good) chance of becoming the fourth.

So, if you're tired of voting for hate, cast a vote for love.

My heart wanted to vote for David Luiz. My brain wanted to vote for Juan Mata. I voted for Juan Mata. How [funning] original, right?