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Nine years and counting: the Adrian Mutu saga continues

He comes from the Ivory Coast! Kalou! Kalou! He don't do coke like Adrian Mutu! Mutu!

Paolo Bruno

Adrian Mutu and his itchy nose, It's a story almost as old as the Roman Era itself.

Not going to recount the whole story, but basically Chelsea want their money - hard out here in an FFP world - and Mutu, after losing countless appeals, had been ordered to pay up for the breach of contract. Which is a problem because Chelsea want a lot of money and a lot of money is something that Mutu ain't got. It's a bit of a common theme with people involved in drug use.

Undeterred, Chelsea have pressed on, going after Juventus (and Livorno, "the bagman") next. That was almost two years ago. The international courts, lightening quick as always, have finally gotten around to hearing both sides and have decided to allow the case to be heard by the FIFA dispute panel. Or something. I don't really know how it works and I certainly don't really care to know how it works. But the point is that there will be some lawyers in expensive suits and they'll talk and drink and laugh and get paid a lot of money. And then Chelsea might see some of that €17 million repaid. Or not.

A Chelsea spokesman told the Press Association: "We are exercising our legal remedies to recover the amounts owed to us and we will continue to do so."

-Source: London Evening Standard

So, Chelsea vs. Juventus. Is this going to turn out like Oscar vs. Gianluigi Buffon or is it going to be another Eden Hazard as a false-9 experiment?

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