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Polls: The quarterfinal round of the Champions League of Hate is here

Oh, Luis.

The favorite.
The favorite.
Chris Brunskill

Could we have asked for a better time to see voting for the quarterfinal round of the inaugural Champions League of Hate commence? I think not.

Over the weekend, Luiz Suarez, no doubt aware of his standing as an outside bet to win the competition - hell, he found himself in quite the battle with fellow striker Little Pea - pulled out the kind of theatrics reserved almost exclusively for Rob Zombie films and Robert Kirkman vehicles. Oh, and Bond films such as The Spy Who Loved Me.

So, sorry Rafa and Tom. And Rio. Suarez surely must be installed as the favorite moving into the quarterfinals. Then again, who's to say something even more absurd will take place between now and the final? I bet Rio grabs a testicle or two at the Emirates this Sunday.


Voting for the quarterfinal round will close on Friday. The semifinals will then be decided over the weekend. Our glorious final will be staged sometime next week. The date, venue and time have yet to be determined. I'm thinking Hell but it may be difficult to book on such short notice. Also, despite some fine suggestions, we're still missing a killer theme song for this competition. Come on, people.

Now, on with the voting.

Oh yeah, the disclaimer: We ask that you channel most of your putrid animosity into the voting process and not into producing distasteful, obnoxious commentary below. And please, don't engage in mindless bickering with someone whose opinion doesn't coincide with yours. Leave the hate for the tournament, people.

I'm out - having dinner with He Hate Me.

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