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Liverpool 2 - Chelsea 2: Initial reaction and community rating form

Luis Suarez should have been in jail for the bulk of the second half. Instead, he was on the pitch and unjustly leveled the game. As usual, Chelsea just can't get a break.

Michael Regan

With Spurs turning 3 points dropped into a 3-1 victory in the span of 7 minutes earlier today, Chelsea came into this game needing 3 points to keep their cushion over the 5th place club to a full 3 points and the tiebreaker. they got off to a bit of a nervy start, but an excellent Oscar finish and some laughable set piece defending saw Chelsea lead by a goal at the break.

The second half got underway with the introduction of Daniel Sturridge, and the home side was quickly level. Luis Suarez would handle the ball in the box though, and Eden Hazard was cool as a cucumber in putting the good guys back ahead. Suarez hadn't become enough of a villian though, so he bit Branislav Ivanovic and then leveled the game at the death. Bullshit wins again, and Chelsea unjustly drop 2 points.

  • I was more than a little surprised that Daniel Sturridge wasn't in today's starting eleven for Liverpool. I was also more than a little relived, as his quickness combined with Luis Suarez would have been a nightmare for our center backs. Too bad Rodgers brought him on at halftime.
  • The penalty in the second half absolutely should have resulted in a booking for Pepe Reina. The time wasting involved was ridiculous.
  • Why did we bring on Yossi Benayoun for Eden Hazard with 15 minutes to play? If we wanted to rest Hazard, why not Victor Moses and bring Yossi on a bit later (or not at all)?
  • The first 10 minutes of the second half were an excellent example of the type of play Liverpool really should be capable more often. If they manage to hold on to Luis Suarez this summer, they really should be a top four contender next season.
  • Speaking of Luis Suarez, that intentional bite of Branislav Ivanovic can't be punished harshly enough. I know Suarez tends to be an easy target, but this is the 2nd intentional bite of his career. The FA really needs to consider sitting him down for at least the remainder of this year and the entire next season. It's absolutely disgusting, and football would be a better place without Luis Suarez (which is a real shame, because he's a brilliant player).
  • Congratulations to Oscar, who has now hit double-digit goals in his first season at Chelsea. Only 193 left to go to become Chelsea's all-time leading scorer.

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