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Polls: Champions League of Hate, First Knockout Round Pt. II

T.G.I.F., my ass. You people better still be angry enough to vote on our second set of ties in the first knockout round of the inaugural Champions League of Hate.

Mike Hewitt

Thus far, we've had more than 1,200 votes cast in each of yesterday's ties. Well done, ladies and gentlemen - you've really allowed the hate to drive you to new levels of productivity this week.

I'm impressed.

We need you to maintain this exceptional level of hostility through the weekend, as we move into voting for the final set of first knockout round ties. That really shouldn't be that difficult, though - what with the likes of a Spanish waiter and an inept Norwegian referee in the mix.


It shall be interesting to see what kind of challenge Roy and Dani are able to mount here. Imagine if one (or both) were to advance? Yeah, right.

Anyway, let's get to voting. Remember, these polls will close on Sunday night, a few hours after the first set of knockout polls expire. We'll begin voting for the quarterfinals on Monday.

Also, don't forget: Channel most of your disdain into the voting process and not into producing distasteful, obnoxious commentary in the comments section. Plus, use some common sense and don't engage in useless bickering with someone whose opinion doesn't mesh with yours. Leave the hate for the tournament, people.

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