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Polls: Champions League of Hate, First Knockout Round Pt. I

In a good mood following yesterday's result at Craven Cottage? Snap out of it. It's time to vote to see who advances to the quarterfinals of the inaugural Champions League of Hate.

David Ramos

I purposely didn't post the initial half of polls for the first knockout round yesterday - like I said I would - because I wanted to piss you off. Did it work? Probably not.

Nevertheless, a pissed off voter is exactly what this competition needs. In fact, the CL of Hate craves animosity. It feeds off it.

There are a handful of spotlight ties up for debate today, including Chicharito eyeing an upset against Luis Suarez. That [fun]ing guy can go to hell. I probably shouldn't have said that - whatever.


Enough talk. Let's get to voting. Remember, these polls will close on Sunday afternoon. The second half of the bracket will be released for voting tomorrow, those polls closing Sunday night.

Got it? Good.

Don't forget: We ask that you channel most of your disdain into the voting process and not into producing distasteful, obnoxious commentary below. And please, don't engage in useless bickering with someone whose opinion doesn't mesh with yours. Leave the hate for the tournament, people. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch an episode of Yo Momma.

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