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La Liga looking at major changes that should be very good for Chelsea

The Spanish government is now planning to force television deals to be collectively bargained, a move that will have repercussions in London

Shaun Botterill

There was some interesting news today from Spain, where they are planning to introduce a law that would force teams to collectively bargain La Liga's television rights. While a law in Spain dealing with television packages may not seem to be of interest to fans of a London club, I beg to differ.

First and foremost, as a football fan, this is excellent news. Over the past several years, La Liga has become increasingly less captivating for a fan without a rooting interest. The battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona is always fun to watch, but the gulf in class between those two and the rest of the league has been getting wider every season. Frankly, I get bored with those two mathematically clinching the top two spots before the Champions League group stage is over.

At the moment, the two top clubs earn more than half of the entire domestic revenue pot for the top tier of Spanish football. This gives the two sides a significant competitive advantage both domestically and in Europe, where the ridiculous television deals they have allow them to dwarf the total revenue of top clubs in any other league.

As a Chelsea fan, this news should be looked at as very good indeed. While this should have little to no impact on either Barcelona or Real Madrid in the coming season or two, down the road, both clubs are likely going to be looking at pretty substantial losses in revenue. If you aren't sure this will really impact their ability to spend massive sums of money, look no further than AC or Inter Milan, both of whom just had to give up substantial amounts of television dollars for the betterment of the league.

This potential drop in revenue should also reduce the worry that some have about those clubs pinching top talent from Chelsea. Ever since Eden Hazard signed with us last summer, we've been seeing him linked to a move to the higher-earning Real Madrid. David Luiz is constantly linked to the center-back-free Barcelona squad. Take away a large portion of their TV revenue during the FFP era, and it's much harder to see either of these moves ever coming to fruition. Any deal that will make La Liga interesting again as well as help ensure Chelsea's best players stay at the club is enough to make me smile.

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