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Chelsea's new home kits ... are pretty nice, actually

After the 'you're going to buy this no matter how bad it looks because we have you by the heartstrings you silly football kit-consuming Chelsea fanatic' ad campaign (possibly paraphrased), I was prepared for the worst for Chelsea's new home kit launch. And so I am pleasantly surprised to find out that adidas have done a pretty decent job with the home kit.

Gone are the gold stripes that blessed this year's homes with an aura of tackiness. Instead, the white is back along with some subtle blue pinstripes that makes this shirt... well, look like it's not trying too hard to be cool. Or 'boring', if you have bad taste, but that's not my fault. Given the move away from the collar (sad), I'm not sure we could do much better than these beauties -- when my main quibble is that the socks are a bit strange, we're in pretty good shape.

Oh, and the keepers will apparently be impersonating venomous insects next year. AHHHH BEES AHHH! (Seriously the white and chocolate keeper kits from last season were great so just use those forever please).

Let's also talk about how neither John Terry nor Frank Lampard appear in the video. Shenanigans!

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