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Fulham 0-3 Chelsea: Match reaction and community player ratings

Steve Bardens

Ok, I have to admit that I completely forgot I was supposed to be writing this one until the 87th minute. Furthmore, I spent most of the game watching this .gif:

I hope everyone understands.

So, some notes from Chelsea's 3-0 win against Fulham at Craven Cottage:

  • Comfortable wins against Fulham are weird, especially away from home. The Blues haven't played particularly well against the Cottagers in several years, and our recent away form has been awful. An easy win is a nice turnaround from what I was expecting.
  • Was 3-0 a deserved scoreline? Yes, mostly. Fulham certainly looked better than three-goal losers, but they couldn't convert their chances, and Chelsea could. And also the not-chances, if we're talking about David Luiz.
  • David Luiz is really really really good and that he has doubters astonishes me.
  • John Terry's brace was less sexy than David Luiz's goals, but they just go to show how dangerous he is in the air. And yes, he needed to take that second one off Fernando Torres.
  • Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Victor Moses were fairly muted, but they still did more than enough to help the team win. I know the latter's had some criticism recently, and he definitely needs to work on his awareness and decision-making, but all in all I was pretty pleased with everyone.
  • Frank Lampard's tackle and sitting-down through ball were amazing.
  • 3rd place. We needed this one and we got it.

Rate them!

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