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Sergio Aguero gets away with David Luiz attack

Mike Hewitt

I can't say I'm too surprised about this, but many will be -- the FA, as you may have gathered from the big words at the top of this story, have decided to take no action against Sergio Aguero for his attack on David Luiz in the late stages of Chelsea's 2-1 loss to Manchester City:

As anyone who was watching who isn't Chris Foy knows, Aguero stamped two-footed onto a downed player's backside after fouling him, an offence that's red-card worthy even if we're being as kind as possible to the City striker. That said, the FA have been making a point of adhering to the referee's decisions, even if they're as demented as Foy's were at Wembley, and it comes as no surprise that Aguero's going unpunished.

Fortunately for Chelsea, there's a silver lining in that he'll be available for Manchester City's match against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend. The not-particularly-wounded-despite-an-attempted-ass-amputation David Luiz has already forgiven Aguero, so perhaps he can pay Chelsea back by scoring a few dozen goals in his next match.

Hidden benefit aside, however, this is stupid. It's really, really stupid. Give the FA the power to overrule the referees once the game has ended on decisions like this and the sport will be in better shape. It's not about them picking on or being biased against Chelsea -- they're incompetent and hamstrung by rules written by incompetents. If we want football to be a better place, avoiding miscarriages of justice like this might be a start.

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