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Post-season friendly against Manchester City announced

Who's looking forward to more of this?
Who's looking forward to more of this?
Alex Livesey

Where will Chelsea be when their reign as Champions of Europe comes to an end? In America, of course! Where else would they be?

Which is... odd. Did we need a post-season wind-down tour or something? Is the club trying to push its brand to fans of the St. Louis Cardinals? Who'll even be playing? I'm not even sure where the match would actually be held -- the best football venue in Missouri is probably Sporting Kansas City's home ground, but that's not actually in St. Louis. So we're left with a baseball diamond or a domed and turfed American Football pitch to play on.

This is obviously cool if you're from the area and want to get a chance to see the Blues, but it looks very very strange even then. The stars (Manchester City's as well) will want to go on holiday, this probably won't be played in a proper football ground and yeah I really don't know why this is happening. Since both teams are going all the way over to the States for this, expect this to be followed up by another friendly somewhere. Because what we needed in our lives was more Manchester City.

Update: Baseball diamond it is!

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