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Report: Roman Abramovich Detained by US Authorities

Breaking reports out of Russia suggest that club owner has been detained by authorities in the US. They have since been denied by pretty much everyone. We can calm down for now.

Mark Thompson

Well then, this is slightly-concerning...

Reports from Russia* claim that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been detained by authorities in the United States, specifically the FBI. Obviously, this could be very, very bad. We really don't need our owner being thrown in prison right now, but the way our season has been going...

*Translated by Google

We shouldn't be worried as yet, since US authorities have the annoying habit of detaining people for no reason. There's also every chance these reports are inaccurate, but major sources like RT [Russia Today] are getting involved, which makes me believe they might not be. With the recent death of the man he recently defeated in court, there's some speculation it may be related. No matter the reason, or even if the reports are false, it's certainly a situation to watch as it develops, and we'll be here to bring you any news as we get it.

UPDATE: Abramovich's representatives have confirmed that he's in the country, but have denied that he's been detained. This is still worth watching for a while, though.

UPDATE 2: His PR guy confirms he's not been detained. We can probably stop worrying, but I wouldn't completely ignore it for a while longer.

UPDATE 3: Even the FBI are denying this now. It appears to be a complete non-story. I don't know if I'm happy or not. : /

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