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Jose Mourinho is a big ol' tease

Alex Livesey

Here's the thing about Jose Mourinho press conferences: He knows that everything he says is going to be combed over by the media looking for every possible shred of meaning. And so he plays with them. When Real Madrid beat Manchester United in the Champions League, Mourinho's uncharacteristic politeness to his enraged opponents were interpreted as him angling for Sir Alex Ferguson's job.

Now he's doing some more trolling:

I have an adventurous spirit and do not know what will happen next season.

It’s not easy to choose a new destination after working in England, Portugal, Italy and Spain. Maybe I could return to somewhere I’ve already been. Watch out for surprises.

-Source: Football-Italia.

Maybe I could return to somewhere I've already been. Does he mean... Chelsea? Does he mean England? Watch out for surprises? You're killing us here, Jose. There are not-exactly-trustworthy rumours flying around that the Special One has already agreed a deal with Chelsea, but until we get some sort of real confirmation in that I'm not going to put my faith in him returning. And until then, he's going to tease us. That's what Jose Mourinho does.

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