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Chelsea vs West Brom: Second half #Rafaout thread

45 minutes in the books, 45 more to be played

Clive Mason

It's been a fairly well played first half from Chelsea, and they are deserving ahead after 45 minutes of play. The Blues had several excellent opportunities to open the scoring very early in the game, but couldn't manage to put the ball in the back of the net to relieve some of the tension at Stamford Bridge.

Demba Ba would change that just short of the half hour mark though, as Chelsea caught Ben Foster chasing a cross that he had very little chance of getting to. That left Ba a very simple tap-in when the ball fell to his feet, and he'd make no mistake with the chance to end his scoreless drought.

West Brom have done their part to help Chelsea today as well, as they've not done enough to exploit the space left between the defense and attack. Instead, they've opted to either lay the ball out slowly or try to go over the top, making the task of Ramires and Frank Lampard far less difficult than it could be.

45 minutes to go, and things look fairly good at the moment. Another early goal or two would be more than welcome though, as putting this one to bed should really allow the fans to relax a bit and enjoy the way Chelsea are playing.

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