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Tricksy Tuesday the Twelth Tactical Tinkerings / Didier Drogba Champions League Open Thread

This post brought to you by the letter T.

Barcelona ... or Stoke?
Barcelona ... or Stoke?
Jan Kruger

Ah, Milano. What a city. Loud. Expensive. Huge. Home to high fashion, low clouds, and Maseratis with ski racks. Home to pristine business hotels, endless construction projects, and a run-down dirty metro (well, the older half). Home to tight jeans, tight leggings, and a beautiful pair of eyes who stole my heart on the train and then ran away with a wave and a smile, never to be seen again. Home to a fantastic stadium that looks amazing on a foggy night.

It was in that stadium that Barcelona slumped to a 2-0 defeat to AC Milan; a rather Chelsea-esque (of this season) European away performance from Messi & Co. And don't look now, but the Best Team Ever of All Time and Space and Universes has lost three of its past five. CRISIS. There's even whisperings of tactical tinkerings! Time for Plan B: Stoke it, Stoke it good!

Meanwhile, Galatasaray will be hoping that there is some European magic left in Didier Drogba's ancient bones, as they look to advance over Schalke 04. Drogba had a hand (head?) in Gala's opening goal in the first leg but Jermaine "Klinsmann-whisperer" Jones equalized for the Germans who thus hold that precious away goal advantage. Perhaps if Wesley Sneijder decides to not mail it in this time, the Turkish team may have a better chance.


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