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Didier Drogba 35th Birthday Appreciation Thread/Celebration

It's the 11th of March, and that means only one thing: Didier Drogba's birthday. Rejoice!

Get out if you don't know what moment this is.
Get out if you don't know what moment this is.
Mitchell Gunn-US PRESSWIRE

It's time to celebrate the birthday of a legend, and one of the biggest in Chelsea history. Didier Yves Drogba Tébily is writ large in the pantheon of Stamford Bridge. He's the man who almost-single-handedly dragged this club through the latter stages of last season's Champions League, scoring heroically from a late corner to send the match in Munich to extra time, and then penalties. As we all know now, Drogba would score the final penalty, completing a shootout-comeback to claim the trophy.

Since it's his birthday, and the first since his heroics of last season, it's time be festive and appreciate what he gave to Chelsea. It wasn't always an easy relationship. At one time or another in his first few years, he faced poor form, a poor relationship with the fans, and a poor reputation in the media. The negativity peaked after the club's first Champions League Final in Moscow, where he was sent off, ruling him out of the penalty shootout, which we lost.

Following that, though, he improved in all aspects and earned himself a place in every Chelsea fan's heart through his consistently-world-class performances. The process worked in reverse too, and turned his blood permanently blue. So much so that, upon his departure, he wrote, in permanent marker on a white board at Cobham, "Blue 'til I die," and signed it. Show the man some love, guys!

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